When Should I Write My Will

If you have any money to your name you may wish to consider writing a Will at any age, for example when you start accumulating savings or if you are left money by a relative. Dying intestate (without having a Will drafted) can cause problems for your family or dependents after you are gone.The following conditions should prompt you to draft a Will or re-draft your Will:

1. Children – if you have children you may want to ensure the estate reaches them in the event of your death, you would also consider providing for them in terms of a legal guardian, who would be able to gain custody, any provisions for up-keep and future education.

2. Property – when you buy your first property, or if you own more than one property you need to draft a Will to ensure it gets to the right person should you pass away.

3. Partner – if you have a partner, i.e. a long term partner to whom you are not married, they will not have any legal rights to any of your estate. Therefore, if you wish to provide for them once you are gone it is imperative that you draft a Will immediately.

4. Wife- If you are married or getting married you should draft a Will. If you subsequently divorce or re-marry you should also re-draft your Will. Finally, you should be aware that if you have a Will and then you marry, your Will become void so you will need to write a new Will.

5. Extreme sports – if you are partaking in some extreme sports you should draft your Will now, you may feel invincible right now, but you must understand that unfortunately sometimes unforeseen accidents do occur.

6. Dangerous locations – commonly, dangerous countries such as those experiencing political disturbances, or war zones. This most obviously applies to those in the armed forces. This advice also applies to members of the media and such as journalists and photographers.

7. Operations- if you are going to have major surgery, with a significant risk, you should draft a Will in case it does not go to plan. You may wish to draft a Will should you be having any surgery, but this is down to your personal preferences.If none of these apply to you, you may not feel the need to draft a Will. Be aware that if you do not wish your estate to pass to your next of kin: parents firstly, and siblings secondly, you should draft a Will now. In all circumstances it is best to have a solicitor help you draft you’re Will. If a Will is not drafted accurately it will be void in the eyes of the law. Having a solicitor help you with your Will is particularly vital should you have a complicated estate.