Document attestation process is the integral step when you apply in abroad

Business When you seek for a job in abroad, you need to get the documents authenticated by the consulate or embassy of the respective country in India. In order to get it done easily and conveniently, one must use attestation services. For attestation, original documents are supposed to be authenticated first from the home department or HRD or notary of the corresponding country. Original certificates, a copy of the passport and visa are required for the attestation process. As mentioned earlier, pre-authentication is the prerequisite for it. Certificates and documents like birth and death certificates, medical certificates and marriage registrations are supposed to be attested. Chain attestation process means a succession of seals on the document. A few documents like sworn affidavits, power of attorney, deeds, sponsorships, will or MOU are required to be signed in front of the authority.

Otherwise, it will not get attested. The process Here is the step-by-step guide to the process. Whether you use attestation services or do it your own, it is mandatory to follow it. 1. Don’t forget original document when you go for attestation. Remember, photocopies are not accepted. All types of certificates and agreements are supposed to be given in original. 2. Get the same attested by the home or education department of the respective state government or the ministry of external affairs. Education certificates or transfer certificates up to class 11 should be attested by the education department of the respective state. Education certificates of class 12 and above are supposed to be attested by the Department of Higher Education of the respective state or the Ministry of External Affairs All other certificates need to be notarized by a notary appointed by the state government and the home department. Some documents, e.g. Driving License are supposed to be given in the Arabic Language.

Hence you need to contact a translation service. Rules for Indian Nationals All documents that are either issued or originating in the UAE but they are for the use in India are supposed to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE and the Consulate General of India, or Dubai or Indian Embassy. Rules for UAE Nationals For applicants that belong to the UAE, they need to get the documents attested by the local court. The documents are required to be countersigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sharjah or Dubai. After this, the documents are required to be produced for attestation at the IVS Global Attestation Center. Catch hold of the best attestation services, if you are going for a job in foreign like UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Kuwait, Bahrain, UK, Oman, Germany etc.